Interior Painting and Handyman Service are based here in Hong Kong. Over the years, we have used a lot of resources and time to improve our services. Moreover, we have teams of qualified supervisors and workers who are able to meet the client’s expectations and deliver on time.

For us at Interior Painting and Handyman Service we have a culture that value:
On every project, we undertake we strive to be accountable to our client throughout the journey. We are authentic and our words match our actions. We provide free quotes to our customers and engage them throughout the project.

• Trust
At Interior Painting and Handyman Service, we understand trust is a core value and a cornerstone for every industry leader. We establish trust with our clients through communicating openly and freely with them throughout the projects.
We respect our customers and ensure our projects are accident-free.

• Client Satisfaction
Reputation is a key component to the longevity of Interior Painting and Handyman Service. We are passionate about meeting our clients’ demands and working within the time frame given by our clients.

• Safety First
At Interior Painting and Handyman Service, we uphold this core value. We understand the need to protect our environment for future generations. On each project, we have committed ourselves to using environmental friendly products.

Our staff understands that each projects are not the same. They have learned to plan meticulously to adhere to the zero injury policy within our company.
We strive to maintain a healthy working environment.

Our Services include:
Home, Office, Retail Shop renovation
Wall repair, Plastering, and Interior Painting
General Home Maintenance
Demolition of structures and disposal of the resulting materials
Ceramic Tiles Wood/Flooring installations
Making of wood desks
Electrical installations and repairs
CCTV and Smoke detection installation
Plumbing services
Appliance Install & Repairs
TV wall mounting installations
Shelving and Storage installation and repairs
Hanging Paintings, Art Work, and Blinds at home or office
House/Office Moving services
Door Service, e.t.c

We have worked with a number of businesses and individuals in Hong Kong. We thank you for the continued support even as we strive to provide better service.
If you live within Hong Kong and are looking for house painting or any other type of handyman service, feel free to contact us for a Free Quote.