A dull wall is a dull wall and it cannot have any better definition other than that. Wait, it actually can. It can be termed beautiful without having to apply an expensive coat of paint to it. How, you ask? Through the use of an attractive high-quality roll of wallpapers to cover your drab walls.

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Not ready to get messy with glue, brushes, and papers? A good service provider will do not mind doing handling those brushes. Additionally, they will create a good balance between your house’s interior painting and a complementing wallpaper scheme. Why not get in touch reliable wallpaper installation service providers such as Interior Painting and Handyman Service?

Our services
At Interior Painting and Handyman Service, we pride ourselves with the provision of quality services which include:

Wallpaper installation:
This is a service we provide to customers whose house walls are clean of any previous wallpapers. Our team will take consideration of your house’s build and your personal preferences to give you a nice outlook on the house. We do this with utmost precision using the best wallpapers and equipment in the market. Our service works to complement the interior painting scheme in your house.

Wallpaper removal and repair:
Old wallpapers that need removal? Do not tire yourself and risk exposing yourself to the wall dust accompanied with removals. We will work on your walls attentively to ensure the underlying wall retains its structure. We will not waste any time carrying out resetting and rehangs. Therefore you are reassured of the retention of the aesthetic value of your house. That is just the base promise because we aim to do way better than the last wallpaper hangs on those walls.

Office/specialty wallpaper installations:
At times for your commercial needs might dictate you requiring specialty wallpaper hangs. We understand your need to create a difference in look to register with your clients. As such we for such functions we are able to provide higher niche services such as the use of digitally printed or hand done art and silken wallpapers. We are only limited by our customers’ need. In essence, we are ready to go as far as you want.

Our commitment to service
Why should you choose us and not the other service provider? Because Interior and Handyman service is not the other service provider. As such we aim to deliver you with the following core competencies;

Our service follows a strict quality code. All our materials are of high industry grade and certified safe for use in human dwellings. Our wallpapers collections are not just beautiful but also long lasting. If anything the first word we will greet you with is ‘distinction’, by wishing you an excellent day and providing you with one.

Wide variety of choices
Limited choice can be boring. Nowhere do people believe in this line more than at Interior and Handyman Service. For that reason, we have embraced a huge range of wallpapers colors, styles and materials. Our hang styles are also unlimited in order to create a sense of multi-diversity. It only takes a review through our catalog of offerings. Whatever you choose is what we will work with.

Dedicated team of professionals
Our team is a mix of experience and knowledge and is always ready to listen to our customer’s needs. . We do not start working until we are sure of what you require. A wallpaper is not just a wallpaper, your choice reigns. As professionals, we may advise against certain choices because we also weigh how well your house should look. However, we give you our word that will abide by your choice.

Friendly pricing.
We use high-quality materials and techniques, which makes us exceptional. Nonetheless, that does not give us a reason to overcharge our clients. Our services are not only pocket-friendly but also reflect value for money. You will get much more than what you paid for. Your walls need not retain that dull look due to price disagreements. Talk to us, let us work on a work plan and finally create an all-inclusive invoice.

Our other service includes –
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Interior Painting
Tiles Installation
Laminate Flooring

With a dedicated team, comes ready availability to serve you. Contact Sam for a free Estimate Today! (852)5262-4056/whatsapp